About Me

Basic Information

Name Xuefei Pan
Major Applied Psychology
Minor Finance
GPA 4.19/5 or 91.87/100
Rank 3/47
Email pxfyuhe@outlook.com

Education Experience

  • 2012.08 ~ 2015.06
    High School Student, Science
    The No.1 High School of Wuhu County
    Wuhu, Anhui Province, China
  • 2018.06 ~ 2018.09
    Summer Research Student, Neuroscience
    Centre for Vision Research, York University
    Toronto, Ontario Province, Canada
  • 2015.08 ~ 2019.06
    Undergraduate Student, Applied Psychology & Finance
    Department of Philosophy, Anhui University
    Hefei, Anhui Province, China

Research Experience

Project Supporter Supervisor My Role What I have Accomplished Paper Published Paper in Progress
Family Group Intervention model in Network Moral Education of Adolescent (2016.10~2018.09) The National Social Science Foundation for the education of young people of China Juan Hou Research student (1) Participate in the design of experiments;
(2) Performed experiments;
(3) Analyzed the questionnaire and EEG data;
(4) Participate in writing paper;
Hou, J., Ndasauka, Y., Pan, X., Chen, S., Xu, F., & Zhang, X. (2018). Weibo or WeChat? Assessing Preference for Social Networking Sites and Role of Personality Traits and Psychological Factors. Frontiers in Psychology, 9(545). (1)Cognitive Mechanism of Intimate Interpersonal Relationships in Internet Addicts: an ERP study
(2) Overview of the Etiopathogenisis and Treatment Progress of Internet Gaming Disorder
The effect and mechanism of money priming on mate preference (2017.05~2018.12) The National Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program Juan Hou Principle investigator I have designed the whole research process with the method of questionnaire, behavioristics as well as neuroscience, and have analyzed the whole data collected so far. Until now, I and my group have finished several experiments but not all. Now, we are writing the paper for some processes of this research .
The effect of parenting stress on marital quality in newborn parents: the mediating effect of spouse support (2017.06~2017.11) Juan Hou Research student (1) Analyzed questionnaire data;
(2) Wrote paper;
(1) The effect of parenting stress on marital quality in newborn parents: the mediating effect of spouse support

The effect of visual similarity between target and distractor on the time course of oculomotor target selection (2018.06~2018.09)

The China Scholarship Council & Mitacs Globalink Research Internship Mazyar Fallah Research Student (1) Performed experiments with eye track;
(2) Analyzed eye movement data;

Research Interests

  • Social Neuroscience
  • Neuroeconomics
  • Social Psychology
  • Decision-making
  • Culture and Cognition

Research Skillls

  • Experimental Design : Python, Matlab, E-Prime
  • Data Analysis : Matlab, R, SPSS, AMOS, Lisrel
  • Literature Management : Endnote, Mendeley

English Level

  • CET4 : 642
  • CET6 : 546
  • IELTS: 6.5,  Reading 8



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