Welcome to the personal research website of Xuefei Pan

I am an undergraduate student in Anhui University, Hefei, China. My major is applied psychology and finance , and such fields are both my interestes lie in. Until now, I have accomplished a few research projects varying from developmental psychology to neuroscience. Through these projects, I have strengthened my research ability, broaden my academic vision and boosted my scholarly insight. However, I want to explore more and learn more! How do we respond to the social information in our brain, like equity, morality and affect? What are the microscopic answers to our social behavior? How can psychology change the society in which we live? So currently, my research interests lie mainly in social neuroscience and neuroeconomics. I will explore the human nature and the society with neurobiological methods as well as traditional psychological ways. Maybe what I desire to do is difficult, but I really love it and am willing to commit myself to it. Thousands years ago, the sages had been seeking the essence of society and had taught us their understanding. Now, we can do more!

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